Tenth Watch: Maryville College at the Millennium Mark

Tenth Watch Maryville College at the Millennium Mark

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About the Author

Gerald and Rachel Gibson

Dr. Gerald W. Gibson was the tenth president of Maryville College in Maryville, Tennessee. He started his career at the College of Charleston as a chemistry professor and served as Chair of the chemistry department from 1968-1982, then, from 1982-1984 as Associate Provost. From 1984-1993, Dr. Gibson served as Vice President and Dean of Roanoke College in Salem, Virginia.

In 1993, Dr. Gibson assumed the role of President at Maryville College and immediately began work on improving the appearance of campus, increasing the endowment, and striving to create the “best possible college.” Through two strategic plans, the MC2000 Plan and the Window of Opportunity Plan, the college achieved new records in enrollment, student quality, fundraising, endowment, and numbers of full-time faculty and staff.

Known for his gentle demeanor, Dr. Gibson lives with his charismatic wife, Rachel, and enjoys spending time with his three children and four grandchildren.

About the Book

The Tenth Watch is a Memoir of Dr. Gerald Gibson’s tenure as President of Maryville College. It is written with a keen sense of the history and mission of the college and the role in that history played by the founder and by several of the most noteworthy presidents. That approach adds a wealth of perspective on decisions, changes, and innovations. Further depth of analysis arises from placing events at Maryville College in the context of historical and concurrent issues in the world of higher education. Very few will read this memoir without learning a great deal about higher education in America, nor without gaining a much clearer perspective on the place of Maryville College therein.

Gerald Gibson assumed the office of President after the turmoil of his predecessor’s dismissal. He quickly discerned the culture of Maryville College, and his deep commitment to the mission of liberal arts colleges was apparent from his first days on campus. Tenth Watch provides a detailed picture of Dr. Gibson’s tenure in office, but equally informative is the clarity with which he relates the character, the struggles, and the successes of Maryville College to the wider world of high education in America.

Dr. Dean A. Boldon, Professor Emeritus
Vice President and Dean of the College
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